Playground 놀이터

Furniture designer, Sooyeon Ahn and Sehwan Oh, created this artwork. They built a children’s playground on a site that used to be a garbage landfill. Because the circular structure they put in the center of the playground rotated as it moved in vertical motion at the same time unlike other circular spinning riders, they could feel as if they were on a surfing board. Two other structures behind it were made with jungle gym in mind where children can climb up, but it was different because it was not a cube but it was made with triangle as its basic unit.

The artists made a paper model to capture the overall structure before creating this structure, and they completed a jungle gym with an unpredictable coupling scheme of the basic unit. In order to provide safer playing area, the ground was made with rubber. They used colored rubber to make patterns to connect the three playing equipment. This artwork served the function of resting place of families and playing space for children, but it was dismantled in 2013 due to safety issues raised during the reorganization process as it was deteriorating.


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