Dimensional Mirror Labyrinth 거울 미로

This artwork is a circular mirror constructed with over 100 pillars of mirror. The Labyrinth that symbolizes Pilgrim’s path to the sacred place in Christianity is combined with rich culture of Buddhism of Anyang. The pillars of mirror, which imply 108 kinds of anguish, lead the audience into the center of the Labyrinth as they reflect light of each other. As you walk slowly along the path between the pillars of mirror, the physical existence of the pillars disappear and a different scene that is a mixture of surrounding environment and the images in the mirror unfolds. Inside of such phenomenon, the audience is an observer and an object of observation at the same time, and the meaning of the boundary that divides inside and outside of the art is lost. The artist has been attempting to challenge perception of audience towards self and space by showing unfamiliar state of familiar subject such as [Mirror Labyrinth].