Monument Agli Uccelli 새를 위한 기념탑

This piece of artwork is a birdhouse for small birds like sparrow or chickadee, and it is located in a small forest a little off from the walking path. Nine columns of wire mesh with different lengths and circumferences were erected, and 13 birdhouses made of clay were attached inside. On the birdhouse, small holes of 5cm diameter were put in to protect eggs and chicks from natural enemies such as magpies. Exceptionally, the 13th birdhouse located on the outside of the column for owls, which is a nocturnal bird, has a hole larger than that of others. The columns and branches made of wire rusted as time passed and turned into similar colors as trees in the forest, and made the birdhouses look as if they are floating in the air from far away. This artwork had a meaning to honor the artist’s friend who passed away when the First Anyang Public Art Project requested the artist for an artwork was damaged badly by the typhoon Bolaven in 2012, and was dismantled.


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