Dancing Buddha 춤추는 부처

This artwork was created by attaching 3 fan wings to a black Buddha statue and hung chairs on each wing for children to sit on. It is designed so that if you hold the hand of the Buddha and turn, the chairs would move. The 3 fan wings represented 3 monks, Wonhyo, Uisang, and Yoon Pil who symbolize the Mt. Samseong.

The artist created an imaginary person, René d’Azur, his other artistic self, and has been presenting stories to trace his whereabouts through performance, installation, and drawing. René d’Azur, born on October 12, 1492, was a hero in the Renaissance era. He was a messenger of resistance, and an adventurer, and he was an avant-gardist before avant-garde and a scrappy student of Leonardo da Vinci. He was an inevitable inventor who was living in the history full of adventures. While the artist was creating the [Dancing Buddha], he made another episode of René d’Azur: if you retrospect to his ancestors, there is Buddha in his genealogical record. He also explained that René d’Azur was interested in all sorts of entertainment and sports, and valued propeller that symbolize time and perpetual movement. This artwork, served as children’s playground in the forest, was dismantled in the artwork reorganization process in 2013 after consulting the artist due to the safety issues for the users. 



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