Door to Nirvana 열반의 문

This artwork was located in the forest of the Mt. Samseong. If you look into a long narrow underground dug out hole through a glass panel, paradoxically you could see the sky reflected on the mirror. On a slab of stone in front of the artwork, it wrote a phrase from Mu Sang Gyeh, which is a song in Buddhism saying:


As four generations are scattered

Life is but a dream

Body and mind are empty by nature

Would you know what Buddha and the Patriarch monk have realized?

The sun sets in the west and the moon rises in the east


The artist expected an incident caused by a serious encounter to happen on that lot where life and death cross with each other. The artwork created in 2005 enduring many seasons outside was in a state that it would be difficult to relay the original intention due to damages on the tempered glass covering the surface and the dew condensation on the inside surface. When we raised such issues during the reorganization of artworks in 2013, the artist welcomed the idea of reorganization and said it is necessary to set the life cycle of artworks considering their period of life, being situated in the historical context, especially for public arts. Consequently, [Door to Nirvana] was demolished in 2013, but we want to remember it by leaving the production and reorganization process in a digital archive.


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