Stone Map Design 돌지도 디자인

This is a Stone Map on which the locations of artworks are engraved after laying over marble plate on a fieldstone of the Anyang Art Park. It guides with information about artworks in 13 forked roads in the movement path to view the artworks. As the 4th Anyang Public Art Project executed reinforcement of the artworks as one of major tasks, the 2013 [Stone Map Design] was reproduced reflecting changed art information. The original fieldstone was maintained as it was and the covering marble was polished and a new map of artworks was engraved including moved or dismantled arts. Ten regions of Welcome, Curiosity, Banquet, Art, Garden, Pilgrimage, Play, Circulation, Rest, and Paradise are marked according to the scenario organized when the Art Park was developed with a consideration that the place was rich in Buddhism in the past. 

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