Picnic Bench 소풍 벤치

This is a bright and strong colored bench located in the forest of the Mt. Samseong. A resting area is created with a single bench with one seat and backboard, a double bench with one backboard and seats on both sides of the backboard, and a bench in a flat form with backboards on both sides of a wide seat. To provide private space for the users enjoying their picnic on the benches the backboards are made relatively high. But, the backboards that served as partitions were lost after over a decade since its creation in 2005, only traces of artwork left are a yellow seat and the bench with a green support. During the reorganizing process in 2013, we thought that it would be difficult to maintain the original intention of the artwork and decided to dismantle the artwork after a discussion with the artist. The perfect appearance of the [Picnic Bench] can be found in the drawing the artist left as an archive reference.



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