Street Furniture 스트리트 퍼니처

The idea of the Street Furniture was embarked from a question ‘when and where would people walking around the Anyang Art Park sit?’ The Street Furniture sits on the walking trail on the opposite side of the Anyang Pavilion. The bench was made into an oval shape with a strip of even width so that people can sit on it easily from any direction, and the backboard was eliminated to enhance closeness between the users. Besides the open structured bench, a low wooden bench was installed considering the Korean culture of sitting on the floor. We also installed a table in between the low wooden benches for people to enjoy their drinks or lunch boxes. We used wood for the low wooden bench, and corian, which is man-made marble, for the table and benches. Often, we hold small concerts on the low wooden bench, and the benches around it are used as seats for the audience. 

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