Solar Energy Tower 태양 에너지 타워

This is a tower that shows the power of the Solar Energy created by prof. Pil-ryol Lee who has been emphasizing the importance of renewable energy, and an artist Jae-hwan Joo who does satire of reality with pleasant imaginations. In this artwork, the solar energy collected through the energy collecting panel is changed into kinetic energy through a motor installed inside and rotates the wheel located in the middle of the column. The upper part of the artwork where the energy collecting panel is located is expressed as a smiling face of a person to relay a message of hope the solar energy contains, and a bicycle wheel was used for the wheel to symbolize power without pollution. During the First Anyang Public Art Project, a staff stayed at the site to explain the importance of the solar energy to the audience, and they could confirm that they could produce more solar energy by flashing the furnished reflection panel to the energy-collecting panel.