Le Cube 큐브

This artwork is consisted of two cubic structures created by crossing stainless steel pipes. They are placed in an arm’s distance of an adult. It is similar to a jungle gym, but you can’t go in and out of it because it doesn’t have an entrance or an exit. Instead, the audience can use the artwork on the outside to play or for exercise. The artist, Fabrice Gygi, has been comparing himself with a figurative artist for he transposes objects he observes in his surroundings as is. Especially, military facilities, national symbols, obstacles to block crowd, or banning signs for restriction, and etc are objects frequently appearing in his artworks. As the [Cube] reminds of a jail where you can’t come and go freely, but has a function of playground equipment and exercise equipment, objects of Fabrice Gygi often have two fold characteristics out of its original function and context. Through this, the artist enlightens the mechanism of control and authority that rule our society and suggests a question about the obedience and freedom of citizens. 


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