제목, 글쓴이, 날짜의 내용이 있습니다.
Michael JOO
Mediator (Anyang),2016
Granite, copper, cement, sand, mortar
9 m diameter x 4.5 m
Commissioned by APAP 5
Courtesy the artistKukje Gallery, Seoul

Michael Joo, Mediator (Anyang), November 2016. Commissioned by APAP 5. Photo: Kim Jungwon
Michael Joo, Mediator (Anyang), October 2016. Commissioned by APAP 5. Photo: Kim Jungwon
Michael Joo’s project for Anyang responds to the spiritual energy he encountered while hiking Samseong Mountain over several days in May. After studying the history of Anyang, visiting temples and the city, and considering the previous works installed for APAP since 2005, Joo decided to put Anyang in conversation with his previous work, Mediator (1998), installed in southern Sweden. The “antennae” set in the center of that sculpture essentially points east to Anyang and the site of this new work. In Mediator (Anyang), a partial sphere carved out of the earth suggests a satellite dish or sundial, forms of technology that have helped man understand the universe and communicate information. Carefully sited in the park between temple pilgrimage locations, the sculpture features a large copper post, grounded to act as a lightning rod to protect the forest from fire. A kind of anti-monument connoting time, place, and encounter, the cobblestoned dish and its rod will age over time, oxidizing, shifting, and eventually harboring organic life, thus becoming a living ruin.