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Christina KIM
Rock Pillow Garden,2016
Installation of cushionspillows made from naturally dyed organic cotton, down,buckwheat hulls
Commissioned by APAP 5
Courtesy the artist

Christina Kim, Rock Pillow Garden, 2016. Commissioned by APAP 5. Photo: Kim Jungwon
Concept development for Christina Kim’s pebble pillows. Photo: Yoshihiro Makino.
This installation draws from Christina Kim’s early childhood experience spending time in Anyang with her family and her affinity toward organic shapes. Using a mix of naturally dyed organic cotton and hand based textile techniques, Kim has produced an array of cushions and pillows for the Anyang pavilion that offer endless possibilities for flexible, non-structured social spaces for visitors. To achieve their dappled texture, cotton canvas was scattered with a wet mixture of tea and pulverized pomegranate peel, then folded and steamed to affect a monoprint. Four giant floor pillows, patched together using textile remnants, evoke memories of the surrounding rock formations of Anyang, complemented by dozens of smaller pillows. The project emerges from Kim’s decades-long commitment to eliminating textile industry “waste” through reuse and to the dignified employment of craftspeople and seamstresses around the world through her company, dosa. In addition to her installation, Kim designed uniform vests for APAP docents using the same techniques and a limited edition APAP 5 tote bag utilizing stock fabrics from past dosa collections.