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Chosil KIL

Skatepark! 2017 Photo: Choi Joong Yeop
For APAP 5, Chosil Kil renovated the X-Games Park in Pyeongchon Central Park with her unique sensibility for surface and space. In addition to re-surfacing the park, Kil is interested in creating a fluid space. Adopting shapes such as curves and bumps, the new skate park embraced forms considered female in this traditionally male-dominated sport. The artist also plans to introduce stains, texture, and color to various surfaces. By incorporating various concrete objects that are typically used for traffic control, Kil investigated her idea of “bumper-ing”—the unveiling of parallel narratives that sit apart. Here, curvy concrete forms interact with rigid readymades as the basis of a continuing process. In this way, the new park merges various ideas into one and generates a new platform where everyone is invited to perform, imagine, and interpret.