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Chen Daigoang
Your Living Room
Your Living Room(Simulation), 2019, Mixed media, Instal lation, appx. 640×2,500cm, Courtesy of the artist

The artist installed his artwork on the remains of Manangak Swimming Pool. Anyang Art Park (previously Anyang Amusement Park) is a place full of memories, as he spent most of his childhood and adolescence there. However, his spiritual haven in Anyang Amusement Park was devastatingly ruined, dismantled and destroyed, leaving the remains of Manangak Swimming Pool the only place where the artist can recall his childhood memories. The title of the work is derived from a Gregorian chant, saying that helpless men in the Middle Ages lived upon the faith in the omnipotent God, whereas the God was replaced with capital in the modern society. Today, people feel lost even in the rich and abundant society, because they do not take time for philosophical reflection and self-examination. Pain arises when there is a gap between the speed of material evolution and that of spiritual evolution. It enriches the life of human beings to realize that life and death are no different, questioning what makes life worthwhile and preparing for death in everyday life. Pain means unhappiness, and continuous unhappiness becomes a social problem. The artwork is an open ‘space’ for visitors, where they come to define their own meanings of life.