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Moon Joo
Elysium (Perspective plan), 2019, Urethane paint on stainless steel, granite stone, 500×1,500×350cm, Courtesy of the artist

Elysium, located on the green field in front of the pavilion, is a symbolic sculpture that embodies the main theme of APAP6, 'Symbiotic City'. With its form of flexible curves and motherly comforts, the work represents the name of the city Anyang, which means the ‘Land of Bliss’. In relation to the Anyang Pavilion, which designed by Alvaro Siza Yieria for the APAP1, it visually corresponds with the architectural aspects and its surroundings. Highlighting the past to present of Anyang, projects images of map, describing life, space and history of the city, on the roof, creating shadows from the sunlight. In addition to its function as a resting area, it broadens the spectrum of public art by suggesting its usage as a multi-purpose cultural space.