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Lee Kwang Ho
Moon—Synodic Month
ceramic, diameter 42cm each. Commissioned by the 4th Anyang Public Art Project (APAP)

Installation view, Kimchungup Museum, Anyang, 2014. Courtesy the artist (Photograph: Hong Cheolki, Kim Jungwon)
Lee Kwang Ho, a young artist who utilizes the delicate quality of ceramic, selected Anyang First Street (Scenery No. 8) for the subject of reinterpretation. Anyang First Street is a typical entertainment district that continuously changes its appearance on users’ desire but has a long history that betrays its loud façade. The development began in 1905 with the opening of the Gyeongbu Railway Line and the construction of Anyang Station, followed by the Post Office in 1924 and Anyang Market (currently Jungang Market) in 1926, transforming the area into one of the most popular commercial districts in the city. The appearance of former Seoi-myeon Office alludes to the long history of the area. The artist installed *Moon Jar* at Seoi-myeon Office, which has stood as a witness for the fast-paced ups and downs of the largest commercial district in Anyang for a century. Situated well above eye level, which is typical in museum settings, *Moon Jar* stands as high as the fence of Seoi-myeon Office and creates an eerie feeling—as if everything is frozen in time—right at the center of bustling street.
The artist also installed *Moon—Synodic Month*, a work that features a realistic representation of the moon surface, on the exterior wall of the observation tower on the Kimchungup Museum premises to introduce two different interpretations of the moon. Synodic month refers to the period of the moon’s phases, from one full moon to the after. The work presents the changes and constancies of the moon through eight round ceramic relieves.