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Seung-Taek Lee
The Tail of Dragon

After receiving invitation from the 1st APAP, Lee Seung-Taek d a work using giwa traditional roof tiles on the halfway up the Samsung Mountain. Located within the woods, this work reveals a fragment of roof tiles of a traditional house buried underground. The artist perceived the Samsung Mountain as a huge dragon, piled up tiles to make a dragon tail, in an attempt to connect broken ridge. A curvy Dragon tail blends in naturally with the mountain ridge. 1500 pieces of roof tiles reminds us of the scales of a legendary animal with super natural power. The artist first introduced tiles in his work during his undergraduate years in the 1950s, the first works using giwa made of mud at his school studio. Since then, he has continued to pay attention to traditional materials. Previously, he has showcased installations using giwa in different places including Olympics Park, Seoul, and Echigo-Tsumari of Japan.