제목, 글쓴이, 날짜의 내용이 있습니다.
Sami Rintala
Elements House (Land, Water, Fire, Air)

Element House is an architectural structure d by connecting four small spaces to the cube shaped main space. The four subsidiary spaces forming different floors each takes motif from the four basic elements of nature: land, water, fire, air. For a harmony with the surroundings comprised of red soilpine trees, the artist corroded iron plateswood as materials. In the functional level, the artist intended it to serve as a resting place for visitors, i.e. enjoying the view of Samsung Mountain Gwanak Mountainhaving snacks. Also, the artist wanted this small structure situated on the boundary between naturethe urban environment to function as a space in which visitors can take a break from their fast-paced liveshave a moment of peace, meditation, serenity. Affectionately called as the Attic of the Sky, this structure also presents the Norwegian Artist John Roger Holte incense holder Tranquility at the room of Fire.